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Metamorphic Rocks In Northern Nigeria

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Granulite Facies Metamorphism And Charnockite Plutonism

Jan 01, 2007 The metamorphic rocks of northern Nigeria consist mainly of monotonous granite-high-grade gneisses and migmatites cut by large Pan-African monzogranite plutons (Fig. 1). The western domain (Kaduna area) is floored by Archaean tonalite-trondhjemite-granodiorite-type gneisses of early Archaean age (Dada et al., 1993 Bruguier et al., 1994), while ...

Geology Petrography And Geochemistry Of Diatexites

group of the metamorphic rocks of northern Nigeria, in that they underlie the greater part of the region typified by high-grade gneisses7. The close relationships between regional tectono-metamorphic evolution of the gneisses, regional anatexis and emplacement of syn-kinematic plutons from the Pan-African monzodiorite

Doc Geology Of Nigeria Vincent Kalu And Stanless Pee

2 CHAPTER TWO GEOLOGY OF NIGERIA 2.1 ROCK TYPES The three major rock types - igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary - abound in Nigeria. Igneous and metamorphic rocks constitute the Precambrian basement complex which is the oldest, crystalline, solid physical foundation of the country.

Kar Retention Ages From The Panafrican Of Northern Nigeria

Twenty-four mineral and whole-rock K-Ar ages have been determined from twenty-two samples collected during recent mapping in northern Nigeria. With three exceptions, the samples are from narrow synclinorial belts of relatively low-grade metasedimentary rocks within the crystalline basement complex.

Geology Of Nigeria Wikipedia

Geology of Nigeria. The geology of Nigeria formed beginning in the Archean and Proterozoic eons of the Precambrian. The country forms the Nigerian Province and more than half of its surface is igneous and metamorphic crystalline basement rock from the Precambrian. Between 2.9 billion and 500 million years ago, Nigeria was affected by three ...

Panafrican Orogeny In Northern Nigeria Gsa Bulletin

Abstract. An area of approximately 12,000 sq km of Precambrian to lower Paleozoic rocks around Zaria in northern Nigeria has recently been mapped for the first time. Results from this survey have been combined with limited data from adjacent areas to determine the nature of the Pan-African event in this part of Nigeria.

Granulite Facies Metamorphism And Charnockite Plutonism

Incipient granulite facies conditions and charnockitization affected metasedimentary formations of northern Nigeria during the early stage of the Late Neoproterozoic (Pan-African) orogeny. This domain is characterized by recumbent foliations consistent with crustal thickening. Far from the Pan-African plutons, initial Barrovian-type metamorphism (medium temperature) evidenced by

Pdf Geochemistry Of Metatexite And Diatexite Migmatite

Geochemistry of metatexite and diatexite migmatite within Zongor northeastern Nigeria constraints on petrogenesis and tectonic environment. IOSR Journals. Download Download PDF. Full PDF Package Download Full PDF Package. This Paper. A short summary of this paper. 37 Full PDFs related to this paper.

Grin An Analysis Of Water Usage And Quality In The State

Polyphase metamorphic rock with polycylic deformation in Nigeria often yields a Pan-African isotopic age (Caen-vachete and Umeji, 1987). It was consequently thought that the whole of the Nigerian Basement Complex had suffered from the Pan-African orogeny and the older unaffected rock are extremely rare. (Caen-Vachette and Umeji 1987).

The Nb Zr Y Discrimination Diagram Meschede 1986 For

Suda et al. (2008) reported that the mafic metamorphic rocks of Akebono Rock have island-arc affinities and obtained a tentative Sm-Nd isochron age of 1497

Petrochemistry And Geotectonic Setting Of Granitic

1998). Similar granitic rocks have also been studied in various parts of the Nigerian basement complex- northern Nigeria (Olarewaju Rahaman, 1982), Jebba area (Okonkwo Winchester, 2004), Obudu Plateau, southeastern Nigeria (Ukwang Ekwueme, 2009), Kabba-Lokoja area (Ezepue Odigi, 1993), among others.

Journal Of Geology And Mining Research Migmatization

The Ikare area is underlain by rocks of the migmatite-gneiss-quartzite complex and older granite lithologic groups and charnockites. Categorization of these rocks in the literature and published map is generalized and the rocks are undifferentiated. Though reported in few literature as an area with rocks composed of granulite facie grade, the nature of transition is not well

Petrology And Geologic History Of Nw Akwanga Area In

Akwanga NW, Plateau State, Nigeria is underlain by pelitic to semipelitic schists which locally grade up to the sillimanite zone of regional metamorphism. Other rock types include migmatitic gneisses, small metaquartzitic bodies, augen-gneiss, granite-gneiss, granites, pegmatites and delerites. The dominant trends of linear and planar structures are largely N-S. These cross-cut

Documentation Application And Utilisation Of Clay

southern end of the High Plains of northern Nigeria, bounded by parallels 9003N and 11 032N, and extends from the upper River Mariga on 6005E to 848E on the foot slopes of the scarp of Jos Plateau 18. The bedrock geology is predominantly metamorphic rocks of the Nigerian Basement Complex consisting of biotite gneisses and older granites ...

Geology And Mineral Resources Of Nigeria

Egbe, Ajaokuta (in northern Nigeria) Ibadan, Ile-Ife, Akure, Ikerre, (in western Nigeria) and Obudu and the Oban Massif areas in eastern Nigeria. Fig. 1.5 Baement Complex outcrops 30 km north of Bauchi on the Bauchi kari road. Basement Complex rocks are generally low lying and concordant in contrast to the cross-cutting, discordant,

Science Forum Journal Of Pure And Applied Sciences

in the Northern Nigerian Basement Complex of Nigeria. The petrographic studies showed the presence of the various metamorphic and rock-forming minerals which include ortho - pyroxene, biotite, plagioclase, quartz, microcline, and graphite as observed within the field of view under the plane- and crossed-polarized light field. Field geology and ...

Borehole Depth And Regolith Aquifer Hydraulic

The Northern Nigerian Basement Complex comprises three groups of rocks namely, migmatites and (high grade) gneisses derived from Birrimain sedimentary rocks through high grade metamorphism and graniti-zation the Younger Metasediemnts of Upper Proterozoic age which are low grade metamorphic rocks that were folded along

Geology And Petrography Of Precambrian

State, Northern Nigeria. The area is underlain by Basement Complex rocks and syeno-granitic rocks which dominate in the area. The two sets of granitic rocks were observed and distinguished by texture. The northwest of the mapped area consists of very coarse to coarse grained syeno-granitic rocks, while in the southeast, the rocks are medium to

Tectonic Setting And Provenance Analysis Of

Keffi in Northern Nigeria and its environs is situated at the southern margin of the North-Central Basement Complex of Nigeria. This area according to Ugwuonah and Obiora (2011) is underlain by typical basement rock units including migmatitic gneisses, porphyroblastic/augen gneisses, schists, older granites and pegmatites etc.

Highpressure Granulite Facies Metamorphism In The Pan

Highpressure (HP) granulite facies rocks are associated with eclogites in the PanAfrican Dahomeyide orogen, West Africa. The HPgranulite and eclogite facies mineral assemblages occur in mafic gneisses within the suture zone exposed in

Overview Of Fluoride Distribution In Major Aquifer Units

Over 50% of northern Nigeria is covered by both the rocks of the basement complex rock types and the sedi- mentary rocks (Figure 1). The Older Granites, migmatite and gneissic rocks comprise the extensive mass of metamorphic rocks un- derlying most areas of the north and west of the country. The rocks include different textures of granites ...

History Of Nigeria High Commission Of The Federal

The geology of Nigeria could be described as Pre-Cambrian, Cretaceous, Tertiary, Quaternary and Volcanic. The pre-Cambrian rocks are made up of igneous and metamorphic rocks and cover almost fifty percent of the country. They are crystalline in nature and consist of granite, gneiss and schist and they are commonly referred to as the Basement ...

Grin Major Element Analysis Of Basement Complex Rocks

The Geology and Geography of Northern Nigeria, McMillan London 295p. Hyndman, D.W. (1985). Petrology of Igneous and Metamorphic Rock (2c Edition). McGraw 111111. Inc. New York 786p. Islam, M.R. and Baba, S. (19S2). Some Geochemical studies of the older granite suites from the Northeth part of Mandara hills, Nigeria, Discovery and ...

Geochemical Signatures And Mineralization Potentials Of

metamorphic terrain that constitutes part of the Pan-African Trans-Saharan belt exposures in southeastern Nigeria. It is essentially characterised by the occurrence of regionally metamorphosed rock successions, pervasive migmatization, and granite plutonism (Ferre et al. 1996). The Plateau, which

Upb Ages Of Detrital Zircons In Cretaceouspaleogene

Jul 05, 2021 The Cretaceous kaolins originated from rocks in the Western Nigeria Basement, whereas the Paleogene/Neogene kaolins originated from both the Western and Northern Nigeria Basements. References 1.

35 Notable Natural Resources In Nigeria And Their Locations

Apr 09, 2019 Limestone is a sedimentary rock and non-renewable natural resources that is greatly used by local, as well as international firms in Nigeria. Locations Abia, Anambra, Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Borno, Bauchi, Benue, Enugu, Edo, Ogun, Imo, Ondo, and Sokoto States. 17. Phosphate. Phosphate mineral deposits are found in metamorphic and igneous rocks.

Highpressure Granulite Facies Metamorphism In The Pan

Highpressure (HP) granulite facies rocks are associated with eclogites in the PanAfrican Dahomeyide orogen, West Africa. The HPgranulite and eclogite facies mineral assemblages occur in mafic gneisses within the suture zone exposed in southeastern Ghana and the adjoining part of Togo. Thermobarometric calculations and phase equilibria considerations indicate that

Pt Conditions Of Panafrican Orogeny In Southeastern Nigeria

Dec 01, 2008 Abstract Different rock types from the area northeast of Obudu, southeastern Nigeria were investigated in order to place constraints on their metamorphic conditions. Detailed petrographic studies indicate four main rock groups in the studied area, namely migmatitic gneiss, migmatitic schist, granite gneiss and a minor amount of amphibolite, metagabbro and dolerite.

Petrology And Geochemistry Of Basement Complex Rocks In

The determination of the mineralogical composition of rocks that underlie Okom-Ita area, in Oban Massif became necessary for the interpretation of the petrogenesis and protoliths of rocks in the area. Twelve representative rock samples were selected for thin section petrography and bulk rock geochemical analysis. The results reveal that the dominant intrusive rocks in Okom-Ita

Petrology And Geochronology Of Metamorphic Rocks From

Aug 04, 2021 Abstract. Metamorphic rocks of the Bossangoa-Bossembl area in the northern Central African Republic (CAR) consist of both meta-sedimentary and meta-igneous units. A petrographic investigation reveals that the meta-sedimentary unit is composed of pelitic granulites while meta-igneous unit comprises mafic granulites.

Top 10 Major Rocks In Nigeria Nigerian Guide

Mar 16, 2020 Kufena Hills is located in Zaria, Kaduna State, northern Nigeria. Kufena hills is made up of metamorphic rocks which form the base material at the core of the earths major continental masses. The landscapes diverse ecosystem, flora and fauna and various landforms make the hills and its environs outstanding.

Granulite Facies Metamorphism And Charnockite

Jan 01, 2007 The metamorphic rocks of northern Nigeria consist mainly of monotonous granite-high-grade gneisses and migmatites cut by large Pan-African monzogranite plutons (Fig. 1).

Geology And Petrogenesis Of Stromatic Schlieren And

It is implaced in metamorphic rocks which are a part of those in Northern Nigeria which consist mainly of granite, high-grade gneisses and migmatites which are cut by large Pan-African monzo-granite plutons12. Bauchite is a part of the Neoproterozoic belt (Pan African) of Northern Nigeria where there is a

Pdf Granulite Facies Metamorphism And

metasedimentary formations of northern Nigeria during the early stage of the Late Neo- proterozoic (Pan-African) orogeny. This domain is characterized by recumbent foliations consistent with...

Geology And Geotectonic Setting Of The

phases of deformation (D1, D2, D3) within th e crystalline rocks of the basement complex in northern Nigeria. According to this author M1 represents a period of progressive metamorphism to lower amphibolite facies. M2 is described as retrogressive and reached only green schist grade as did M3. In the southwest Boesse and Ocan (1988) recognized 3

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