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E Waste Using In Concrete

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Utilization Of Ewaste In Concrete And Its Environmental

Jan 05, 2018 E-waste is used as one such alternative for aggregate in concrete. This paper presents a summary on probable use of E-waste in concrete on the basis of different researchers and it marches strong possibility of E-waste being used as additional of aggregate as well as environmental impact.

Experimental Study On Concrete Using Ewaste

EXPERIMENTAL STUDY ON CONCRETE USING E-WASTE Iyappan G, Karthikeyan N, Indhumathi M and O.R.Kavitha Abstract Concrete is the most important component used in the construction industry throughout the work.The present work is directed towards developing a better understanding on strength characteristics of concrete using electronic waste (E

Utilisation Of E Plastic Waste In Concrete Ijert

Feb 27, 2016 The E-waste now a days is nothing but a scrap material but by using of E-pastic in concrete and remaining material like copper , gold and silver material obtained from plates can be used by Government and can help Government to make a little contribution towards the economy of the country and also reducing the problem of E-waste.

Recycling Of Ewaste In Concrete Sciencedirect

Jan 01, 2021 E-waste plastic is a new category of waste plastic that needs more attention. In recent years, researchers have been investigating the feasibility of recycling e-waste plastic in concrete. Ashwini Manjunath (2016) replaced a natural aggregate of concrete with 10%, 20%, and 30% of e-waste plastic aggregate.

Perspective Of Ewaste In Concrete A Review Devi

Recycled polycarbonate from electronic waste and its use in concrete Effect of irradiation. Construction and Building Materials 2019201778-785. 15 Needhidasan S, Vigneshwar CR, Ramesh B. Amalgamation of E-waste plastics in concrete

A Study Of Strength Of Concrete By Using Ewaste

project is made on the use of E-waste particles as fine aggregates in concrete with a percentage substitute ranging from 0 % to 20% i.e. (5%, 10%, 15% and 20%). Compressive strength Concrete with and without E- waste material as a fine aggregate was observed. The feasibility of utilizing E-waste

An Experimental Study On Ewaste Concrete

The yield of concrete reduces when E-Waste is used as a replacement material for sand. It is coherent that E-waste can be biased by using them as constructional material. The compressive strength and split tensile strength of concrete pertaining to E-Waste aggregate is slightly lesser in comparison with control mix concrete sample.

Compressive Strength Of Conventional Concrete Using E Waste

The major aim of the study is to examine the alter in mechanical properties of concrete with the addition of Electronic waste in concrete. It is found that the use of Electronic waste aggregates results in the formation of concrete. In this addition Coarse aggregate is replaced by E- waste from 0% to 15% Then in these mix 5%, 10% and 15%.

Review Of Literature On Electronic Waste Materials Used

The use of E-Waste products in concrete not only makes it economical, but also helps in reducing disposal problems. Total replacement of concrete is not possible due to no material plays the role of concrete in terms of strength, durability and workability. So we have to partial replace all the material to achieve desire

Experimental Investigations On Concrete With Eplastic

Keywords e-plastic waste concrete, Compressive strength, Split Tensile strength. Introduction. In the present scenario, no construction activity can be imagined without using concrete. Concrete is the most widely used building material in construction industry. The main reason behind its popularity is its high strength and durability.

Performance Evaluation Of Geopolymer Concrete Using E

output of concrete that included E-waste as part of the coarse aggregate. In an experiment, specimens were prepared using E-waste as coarse aggregates in concrete up to 20% of the amount of traditional coarse aggregate. Sourav Kr. Das et al., 13, gave an overall view of the process and parameters which affected the geo-polymer concrete.

Study Of Compressive Strength Of Concrete By Using Ewaste

Endeavors are made to use such type of waste material into concrete as a coarse aggregate or fine aggregate. This research paper is presenting an investigation on study of compressive strength of concrete by using E-waste as a part of coarse aggregate. Conventional Mix M-25 is designed as per the new guidelines of IS 102622009.

Effective Utilization Of Electronic Waste In Concrete

Sep 25, 2019 The mix design of M20 grade of concrete for normal mix (without E-waste) and with a partial replacement of coarse aggregates with E-waste material with 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25% and 30% is carried out. The effect of E-waste particle size using less than 10 mm, between 10 to 15 mm and up to 20 mm on compressive strength of concrete cubes and ...

Utilization Of Ewaste In Concrete By Using Taguchi And

Nov 25, 2020 Because the E-waste has no disposal method and the consumption of e-waste became a threat. Amorous amount of e-waste is originated every year and a very small portion of it is recycled or reused. A large land masses are required for the dumping of e-waste. More over use of concrete supply of materials like fine aggregate is raising briskly.

Pdf Utilization Of Ewaste In Concrete And Its

The use of E-waste in concrete industry is measured as the most viable application for soothing the dispo sal of large amount of E -waste materials. E-

An Experimental Study On Concrete By Using E

concrete with the addition of Electronic waste in concrete. It is found that the use of Electronic waste aggregates results in the formation of light weight concrete. In this research article Coarse aggregate is partially replaced by E- waste from 0% to 30% Then in these mix 10%, 20% and 30% of fly ash is also added by partial replacement of ...

Study Of Ewaste Concrete

7. Electronic plastic can be effectively used in concrete. 5. Future scope 1. E-waste granules can be used partial replacement to coarse aggregates 2. With variation in small percentage range of e-waste plastic granules, It is effect on concrete strength can be studied. 3. Effect on flexural strength and durability of concrete can be studied. 4.

Recycle Of Ewaste In Concrete Ijsr

conducting the tests on e-waste Concrete with E-waste and the results revealed that upto 20% replacement e-waste for coarse aggregate in concrete shows improvement in compressive Tensile strength. By comparing the results with conventional concrete at 28 days strength it is observed that the strength of concrete is reduced by 30.7% when

Pdf Concrete Using Recycled Ewaste A

InConcrete mixes there are different rate percentages of E-waste were selected andthree different types of conventional and standard specimens have been decided to

Review Paper On Ewaste In Concrete As A Replacement Of

Sep 19, 2020 They concluded that the E-waste can be used as coarse aggregates partial replacement in a Concrete block by volume (0-12.5%). compressive flexural strength of electronic waste concrete decreased as percentage of electronic-waste increased, whereas tensile strength increased in increments of E-Waste plastic.

Compressive Strength Of Conventional Concrete Using E Waste

Use of such waste materials makes their re utilization in cement-concrete, other construction materials, and also the cost of cement and concrete manufacturing is reduces. Other indirect benefits of e-waste include reduction in landfill cost, saving energy and reduction in solid waste.

Use Of Ewaste In Construction Industry

Experimental Study on Concrete by using E- Waste as Partial Replacement for Course Aggregate. 9. Dinesh Sellakutty UTILISATION OF WASTE PLASTIC IN MANUFACTURING OF BRICKS AND PAVER BLOCKS. 10. Ryszard Dachowski The Use of Waste Materials in the Construction Industry World ...

Partial Replacement Of Eplastic Waste As Coarse

Jan 01, 2016 An experimental study is made on the utilization of E-waste particles as fine and coarse aggregates in concrete with a percentage replacement ranging from 0 %, 20% to 30% i.e. (0%, 10%, 20% and 30%) on the strength criteria of M20 Concrete.

Effective Utilization Of Ewaste In Concrete

Electronic waste or E-waste is the discarded electrical or electronic devices. Used electronic devices which cannot be reused, recycled, resale and disposal. Increased use of electronic waste in developing countries including our country may cause serious health and pollution problems.Aggregates in concrete

An Experimental Study On Use Of Ewaste Materials In

using of E-waste in replacement of coarse aggregate give the different result. Till 12% replacement of aggregate with E-waste the compressive strength was better than reference concrete. At 20% replacement of E-waste the strength reduces in higher range E-waste in concrete replaced the coarse aggregate 0% -20%.

Study Of Compressive Strength Of Concrete By Using E

of concrete by using E-waste as a part of coarse aggregate. Conventional Mix M-25 is designed as per the new guidelines of IS 102622009. The E- waste is broken into specific size and shape. Total 90 specimens were casted with and without using E-waste (1%, 1.5% 2%) along with fly-ash and Poly Carboxylic Ether (Plasticizer).

Experimental Study On Ewaste Concrete And

of concrete by using the E waste in it and to improve the strength of concrete using Portland cement. ABSTRACT The solid waste management is regarded to be one of the fastest arising waste streams in the world, especially the waste from Electric and Electronic equipments (WEEEs). The waste utilization is

Utilization Of E Waste And Plastic Bottle Waste In Concrete

UTILIZATION OF E- WASTE AND PLASTIC BOTTLE WASTE IN CONCRETE. E-waste from electrical and electronic equipment, that may be old or might have reached end of life and plastic waste from plastic mineral and cold drink bottles were collected and grinded to size of 2 mm using pulverizing machine. The grinded pieces were rubbed against each other ...

Use Of Plastics And Ewaste In Concrete

Nov 13, 2013 Use of Plastics and E-waste in Concrete. Download Now. Download. Download to read offline. Technology, Business. Nov. 13, 2013. 18,149 views. As replacement for fine aggregate in concrete, plastic and e-waste was suggested based on experiments conducted and theoretical data from publications. Indian Institute of Technology Madras.

Performance Evaluation Of Plastic Concrete Modified With E

Dec 27, 2021 Rathore et al. investigated the influence of different percentages of E-waste plastic, i.e., 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, and 30% on the behavior of concrete and found that the CS and FS of concrete containing 15% E-waste aggregate were, respectively, reduced by 20.35% and 15.69% with reference to the control mix. They reported that for a ...

An Experimental Laboratory Study On

different proportions of e -waste to make this type of concrete better and economical than the conventional concrete. For this purpose, research was taken-up to develop e-waste (EC) concrete using e-waste and M-sand as fine aggregates at different proportions. 1.4 Objectives of the Study To procure and process e-waste.

E Waste Ppt Slideshare

Dec 24, 2015 E- waste seems to have a more pronounced effect on the flexural strength than the split tensile strength. The use of E-waste in concrete is possible to improve its mechanical properties and can be one of the economical ways for their disposal in

Experimental Study On E Waste Concrete And

The efforts have been made to use the components of Eweaste as a partial replacement of (10-12.5 mm) the coarse aggregate in the field of construction. Utilization of crushed Ewaste materials as a conventional concrete and other materials in the building construction, helps in reducing the cost of concrete manufacturing.

Utilization Of Ewaste In High Strength Cement Concrete

Key words Concrete, E-Waste, Fly Ash, Aggregate, Compressive Strength, Workability I. INTRODUCTION The word e-waste means substances which have e-waste, and accordingly, anything that is formed in a soft state and used in a solid state can be called an e-waste. Therefore, the origin of e-waste forming can be traced back ...

Experimental Study On Use Of Ewaste Plastics As Coarse

Efforts have been made in the concrete industry to use e-waste plastics as a partial replacement of the coarse or fine aggregates. The present study is focused on replacing conventional coarse aggregate ranging from 0 to 12.5% with e-waste plastic for M 20 grade concrete using manufacturing sand.

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